We take responsibility for the environment and for our children, which means ensuring fair trade production and using high quality, sustainable textile. This is crucial for the environment and crucial for the future.  

We closely work together with an India based textile design and production house that offers hand woven fabrics from recycled yarns. In the middle of one of the dirtiest industries and largest textile manufacturing countries, they are up cycling waste into a high end product. Using a culturally ingrained and zero emission technique.

We ensure good working conditions for the factory we use, a proper wage for the workers and a zero child labour policy.

Our atelier in Portugal is eco-friendly and has environmental policies to promote social welfare and to protect our Earth. All items are fair trade and made with certified 100% organic cotton. 

Needless to say, our ateliers in India and Portugal are seamlessly compatible with the family values and traditions as upheld by Jenest. 

If you have any questions or suggestions with regards to our product or production, please send us an email at info@jenest.com.